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Chromatography Adsorbents

Chromatography Adsorbents|Silica Gel|Aluminium Oxide|
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The most common use of such adsorbents is performed in research laboratories where a range of simple or complex compounds need to be mixed or separated to produce highly pure drugs and medicines.

Features of Chromatography Adsorbents:

  • High resolution
  • A cost-effective way of chromatographic separations
  • An excellent flow rate of compounds
  • Low functional pressure
  • Simple packaging procedure

Sorbead India provides a range of high purity chromatography adsorbents in the form of silica gel and aluminum oxide powder which is used for chromatographic separations of the different compounds to get the pure end product. Our main aim is to manufacture the adsorbents that work effectively in the complex compounds separations. We offer such products at the most competitive prices.